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10DAC Participant Registration – Our Wide Sky

10 Day Astronomy Challenge

Participant registration page

Setup your login to get access.

Setup your login with your email address. Use a strong password to protect your information. Use this login to access the 10 Day Astronomy Challenge Daily content. 

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What happens Next

When we have verified your payment you will get access to the current content. Remember that the daily challenges are released each day.

There will be links to the Facebook group and you should request membership. We'll approve you when we have confirmed your payment.

There will be new content coming into the member's area up until we start the 10 Day Challenge, so you won't get bored waiting.

Help us out...

This is the first time we are doing this process. We may be a little slow, as some things are done manually. As we gain experience and assess how much work is required we will be automating what we can to improve your experience.

If you have any suggestions, problems or feedback, please message me through our Facebook page. 

Our Wide Sky 10 Day Astronomy Challenge

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