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3 Awesome Beginner Astronomy Books – Our Wide Sky

3 Awesome Beginner Astronomy Books

August 15, 2017

Knowing where to start is sometimes the hardest part of getting started. There is an enormous amount of information available on the internet about astronomy and sifting through it to find the right information for you can be tricky.

Here are our recommendations for getting started with astronomy. Click on the books to buy them from Amazon.


​Stargazing for Dummies by Steve Owens

Look up. This is how to get started with astronomy. Go outside and look up. On a clear night you will see the universe laid out above you, or at least part of it and the view of it from where you are.

Knowing how to see when you are looking at, and what to look for is the next step of your astronomy journey. Stargazing for Dummies will tell you what you see when you look up, and teach you how to look deeper and further into the sky to discover treasures.​

The sky changes from night to night and there is always something new to discover. ​

Bad Astronomy by Philip Plait

Knowing what to look at is a great start, but knowing what is false information is also useful. Not everything on the Internet can be trusted and when you are getting started with astronomy it is tempting to believe all the strange and the curious facts that you see.

Bad Astronomy takes the guess work out of knowing what to believe. Philip Plait describes all the false ideas, the mythology and the conspiracy theories so that your knowledge of astronomy is based in science and not fake news. ​

Backyard Guide to the Night Sky by Howard Schneider

Learning to name the objects you can see in the sky is one of the challenges and rewards of discovering astronomy. 

This guide will help you to find your way around the sky, teach you how to about the moon, planets, stars, constellations and other objects.

Science is important but it can wait until you understand the skyscape.

There is no shortage of books to explore and plenty of information available, and of course Of course we have some great information here.

Don't be overwhelmed, but take every opportunity to learn. These books are just the beginning of your amateur astronomer life. 

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