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Not in the USA and Want to Follow The Eclipse?

August 15, 2017

Not in the USA and still excited about the Great American Eclipse? You should be excited, eclipses that can be seen by whole populations are rare and they are a fantastic opportunity for educating people about science and space.

This eclipse will cross a whole continent and be visible from only one country. Almost all of the USA will have some visibility of the eclipse, with the narrow path of totality spanning the whole country.​

Even though the rest of the world will miss out this time on seeing the event live, with our own eyes, I have no doubt that this will be the most televised eclipse in human history.

I'm not in the USA, I'll be watching from Australia, via the internet. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Using an App

The Exploratorium app will give you a view of the eclipse from telescopes along the path of totality. This is how I'll be watching it.

Exploratorium App Information

With the help of NASA​

NASA have some amazing eclipse resources. Including weather and traffic reports!

For those of us for whom weather and traffic will not matter, they are also live streaming. There are lots of ways, from twitter periscope to NASA TV. Take a look at the options:

NASA's Live Stream Page

​Slooh Eclipse Broadcast

You may have to register, but this looks like a big televised event from on the ground and through telescopes.

​Slooh Eclipse Event

Virtual Telescope Project

Another online telescope project is also broadcasting the event from their telescopes.

Virtual Telescope Project Eclipse Event

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