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About Us – Our Wide Sky

About Us

Hello. Welcome to Our Wide Sky.

I'm Lisa Harvey and I'm the creator of Our Wide Sky.

Since humans could comprehend the sky we have been fascinated by it. The sky captures our attention, our art, our science. It is present in our stories and our lives are ruled by the cycles of day and night, summer and winter. The sky is wide and it defines us.

Lisa Harvey with Telescope

The wide sky also unites us. Regardless of who or where we are, we share the same sky. Above us all are the stars, the planets, the moon and the sun.

We share more of the sky than we do of the Earth. Our location limits us to where we are in any moment. Ownership, distance, and opportunity limit where we go and what we do when we get there, but the sky is free. The wide sky is ours to share.

I have been observing the sky for as long as I remember. I have experienced special events such as eclipses and comets. I have see Aurora Australis, and waited for the International Space Station to cross over my head. I have seen the Orion Nebula and Neptune from my back yard through my telescope​. I have lain on a beach with the milky way bright and stunning above me. 

My expertise is in IT. I have spent a long career playing with computer technology in all kinds of ways: databases, Websites, UNIX, strategy, and even programming cash registers. I have a degree in Geography, with a bit of astronomy. I have owned telescopes for over 20 years. ​

Astronomy should be for all of us. Our Wide Sky hopes to make it so.​

We are just getting started. Our blog (this website) is ready and Facebook and Twitter are gaining followers.​ We have a great content plan laid out, including videos, webinars, courses and more. If you are beginning with astronomy then you are in the right place. We want to get you started on your astronomy journey and keep you interested as you learn skills, gain knowledge and discover the incredible depth in the sky above you. We'll be working hard to make it the best astronomy content just for you. 

Our bigger plans are on the launch pad, and the countdown has begin. 

Here is how you can be a part of something exciting:

  1. Join our ma​iling list. Fill out the form below. You'll be the first to hear about our new content, and we'll share the best resources we can find. Our early members will always get special treatment.
  2. Follow us on Twitter. In less than 1 week we had over 150 followers! We share the best in astronomy from the internet and our own content too. 
  3. Like us on Facebook. Not so many followers there yet, so we need your help.
  4. Stay tuned for announcements. The planning is well advanced and some exciting news is on the horizon.

Creating Our Wide Sky has been a goal of mine for a long time. I am so excited to have the opportunity and I look forward to learning and growing in my own astronomy journey, as well as helping to make yours joyous, meaningful and astounding.

Lisa Harvey
Mission Specialist

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