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10 Day Astronomy Challenge

Challenge yourself to see the stars

From Our Wide Sky

10 Days. 10 Challenges.

There is nothing better than discovering something new in the sky. Or rediscovering something you had been astonished by in the past.

With busy lives, astronomy and stargazing are often forgotten.

It's easy to look down. But looking up inspires us.

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What is a 10 Day Astronomy Challenge?

At Our Wide Sky we beleive that the path to the best observing has three steps: Learn, Practice, Share. The 10 Day Astronomy Challenge is designed to Every day for 10 Days you'll get:

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    An email. Reminding you to check for the daily challenge.
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    A video to describe the daily challenge. Each day I will release a short video describing the daily challenge.
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    A new theme. Sun, Moon, Stars, and much more (actually 7 more to make 10 themed days).
  • check
    Something to learn. A lesson about the daily astronomy theme. You'll learn stuff too!
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    Resources. Cheat sheets, worksheets, checklists. Something related to observing the daily theme, or completing the challenge.
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    A discussion question. This will be in our private Facebook Group. Something to talk about.
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    Observing tips. For the daily theme.
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    A challenge for when it is cloudy. Because we can't control the weather.
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    Harder challenges. For the more experienced.
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    Access to the resources. For three months, so you don't have to do the challenge on the day.

​Why are you charging for this?

People do their best work when they have some skin in the game. This is true of hobby as well as business. By paying for this you are much more likely to learn and practice. And everyone who is participating is also more likely to contribute and ask good questions.

The fee means that we don't get hangers on.

It also supports the creation of amazing new content.

This is WIN-WIN. And both wins are for you!

Win 1 for you because you get the most out of the challenge. And Win 2 for you because you continue to get great free content!


What if i don't like it?

I want everyone to be happy.

The event is fully refundable. At any time during the 10 days you can get a full refund. We might ask why, but we won't dispute your request. Just ask for a refund. It's as simple as that. 

Getting a refund is as simple as asking me in a PM.

Access for 3 months

The challenge area, and the Facebook group will be open for 3 months. You don't have to do the challenge on the day, and we know there will be a hundred reasons why you can't. We encourage you to. Challenging yourself with a group of others is one of the best ways to learn.

Register Now.

Only $37 for 10 Days of Amazing Astronomy.

Less than a cup of coffee a day!

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“Looking down is easy. It's when we look up that we are inspired”

Lisa Harvey

What is the value?

I'm not going to tell you you are getting thousands of dollars worth of value from the 10 Day Astronomy Challenge. The value you get will depend on the effort you put in. I've done a lot of work on pricing this challenge. Trying to  keep it as low as possible, to get more people interested, but also ensuring it is a fair price. There are some things we can compare to.

Online courses with 10 or more lessons are between $149 and thousands of dollars. Let's go with $250.

Most memberships online with access to content are around $49 per month. I am a member of groups that are more than that, so let's go with $40 per month. 

Online communities vary in cost from free to thousands of dollars per year for exclusive access. Let's go with $10 per month.

So  let's see what the value is if we take the near lowest value for online courses, membership and communities:


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    10 Lesson Course: $250.
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    3 Months Membership: $120
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    Online Community with new content: $30.
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    10 Day Astronomy Challenge TOTAL VALUE: $400.
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    10 Day Astronomy Challenge YOUR PRICE: $37.

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One payment of $37 (only $12.33 per month). You are getting exceptional Value!

But I live in the city?

All the content is science based, practical, and appropriate for wherever you live. All of the challenges can be done in the suburbs, and with no additional equipment.

I'll give you tips and ideas for how to see amazing things in the sky, even when there is light pollution, and even without a telescope.

Register Now.

Only $37 for 10 Days of learning, practice and sharing. And 3 months of great new content and community.

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Full refund if you don't like it.

Hubble Sunflower Galazy, M63


I'm Lisa Harvey. I've been doing astronomy for over 25 years. For most of my life I have been an entrepreneur, creating technology businesses. Now I want to encourage people to look up. The sky is amazing. It inspires us, and it has inspired so many generations before us. 

Come with me on our 10 Day Astronomy Challenge. We have a great program planned and I am incredibly excited to create a community of people who love astronomy.

I have created this challenge with a focus on exceptional value and a great experience. 

Lisa Harvey with Telescope
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