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Video Training Registration 10DACFB1 – Our Wide Sky

Learn Astronomy 


FREE Video Training from Our Wide Sky

Stargazing and Astronomy are a joyful interests. Watch the amazing sky, learn the secrets of planets, stars and galaxies, discover the adventure of human space exploration.

Our Wide Sky provides practical, helpful and accurate information and training for amateur astronomers: feeding your curiosity, nurturing your joy. This FREE Video Training will:

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    Improve your Stargazing. With a 3 step approach to your astronomy, you'll improve your experience of the sky, get the most out of the equipment you have, and spend more time observing celestial objects.
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    Feed your curiosity. Learn about globular clusters, get some practical tips for your observing session and discover the best astrophotographers to follow.
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    Introduce our 10 Day Astronomy Challenge. Discover how you can participate in this event.


The Live Video Training will take place Tuesday November 21, 09:30 AM Sydney, Australia Time. There are some examples of other timezones below.  This isn't convenient for everyone, so there will be on demand Video Training replay available to everyone who registers. You can view this at any time, and still ask questions. 

Register to attend live.

Get an on-demand replay. 

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. ”

Ralph Marston

Want to improve your astronomy?


frequently asked questions

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    I can't get there live, will there be a replay? YES! If you register, whether you attend live or not, you will get a replay to watch in your own time.
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    How long is the Video Training? I've timed the presentation at 45 minutes. I can take questions after that for 15 minutes. If I stick to the script that is how long it will take!
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    Do I need to download anything? If you use an iPhone there is a free app to download. Otherwise Demio is 100% web based, so just open the link in your browser.
  • Can I ask a question? I'd love you to ask questions. I'll get to the questions at the end of the video training, just so that I can stick with the timing of the main content. Even if you are watching a replay you can ask questions. I'll answer those as soon as I can and share the answers in an email. 
  • What happens after the Video Training? By registering for the video training you'll also start to get our great monthly updates. You'll get early notice of the Monthly Astronomy Challenge, other opportunities to participate in our community and plenty of excellent astronomy content. You can always unsubscribe at any time, but I'm sure you love it all!

Who is Our Wide Sky?

My name is Lisa Harvey and I have been doing astronomy and photography as an interest for over 25 years. I have also been an entrepreneur, a technologist and an advisor to government and non-profits on technology.

Now I want to encourage people everywhere to look up at the stars.


Our sky is the one thing that unites us all. We share the sky, it is free, available and full of wonders that give us perspective on our lives and inspiration for our future. 

Lisa Harvey with Telescope

Join Our Wide Sky as we create a community of people who love astronomy, who love to improve their skills, share their knowledge, inspire their curiosity and admire the wonders of the sky together.

Your Astronomy Journey Video Training

Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn a bit about Astronomy, and to join a growing community of amateur astronomers from all around the world.

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